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Monday, June 10, 2019

Chapter 2 :Legal Concepts

Environmental Pollution and Waste Treatment 
Environmental Degradation A Serious Concern 
  :   are the key factors, the world is facing by day degradation of our pleasant environment due to various reasons ,we all know it well...incessant inputs from  people and NGOs are even underway but their mammoth role-play is looking like downplay or falling short of expectation as planned earlier....the running obstacles as well as growing crisis ,helplessly looking for the involvement of the people worldwide responsible directly or indirectly for this irreversible environmental losses and are now being counted seriously....pollution control and plastic waste management is the better part everyone can play well....

Now, Either you are at crossroads or at triple point in wake of scarcity... lets us check it out by throwing  light on few points as jotted down here under...Scarcity leads you  to either at crossroads or at triple point

Triple Point  :   is the magical point where a substance can exist in equilibrium in solid,liquid and gaseous stage at certain temperature and pressure 

How hollow the scarcity is ?... lets have a look ,is it really a mind game in totality or reflecting the best management over the poor one by using technological know-how upto some extent....

How better we can use technology under  expanding need to humanity which might be a trade-off between our replaceable requirement and better off

The use of plastic waste and its impact on environment today can be portray very well  . Mosplastics contain organic polymers. The vast majority of these polymers are formed by the chains of carbon atoms-covalent bonding, 'pure' or with the addition of: oxygen, nitrogen, or sulfur atoms ....plastic waste  takes 500-1000 years or more in decaying due to the breaking of the chains of very strong covalent C-C(Carbon-Carbon) bonding . We can opt for bio-degradable plastics  by using chains of  C-S (carbon->Sulfhur) bonding which takes less than 6 months for decaying. So, the use of bio-degradable plastic is the green option for landfills plastic waste management as well healthy soil conservation with retaining unpolluted ground water in long run . It is  not like to make a mountain out of the molehill by addressing the burning  issue of incremental  plastic waste without any concrete treatment plan so far the recent development, a huge pile of plastic waste like a mountain hill has been  taken shape in the north atlantic ocean and other parts of the world with respect to  inland as well as  water bodies ....the  plastic waste or garbage is continuously on rising trend due to the lack of wisdom in adopting  the self-health care system as well its treatment plan .... better early than sorry !



Burning of Plastic Waste is hazardous  :  It is such kind of act that is  responsible for direct releasing of the  tonnes of CO2 and CO (greenhouse gases) in the atmosphere nearby your surrounding and also a cause of global warming ....burying of the plastic waste is the best kind of practice we used to without resorting to its burning ... moreover,if we start early by using bio-degradable plastic as an alternate option available for replenishing the loss to the environment  ....and accordingly better late than sorry !

Awareness is required at every level for using bio-degradable plastic to retain the ground water pure and usable form  in the  long run ...the plastic and glass are the bad conductors of heat and hence  the evaporation of water doesn't take place in the airtight containers at all . As the temperature increases the rate of evaporation and condensation rate go fast inside the container or sealed flask by converting the saturated vapour  back to water through condensation  as the rate of vaporization  increases . Hence it is a trade off  between technology and its usability by using plastic bottles....