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Friday, May 31, 2019

How time traces its journey in different modes without ambiguity....

It is a high time to throw light on the every dark corners noted here and there now ! how far the wisdom can fly away if the  wings are on fire with the lopsided overloading of ignited minds......story of  the time dynamics  is falling off with a correlation  
lets have a look by making incursion into....

in Science chapter-1, we  take a final resort with Carbon-14 for organic matter dating  and Uranium-235 for inorganic matter dating ....the calculated age of inorganic matter like rocks and organic matter like fossils are to be   on approximate basis with some calibration ...because of the  complexities involved in the process of calculation on Half life basis ( like Carbon-14 decay rate is more stable or constant decay rate etc)

Time=Function ( atom,decay rate/speed)

in Science chapter-2, how to calculate time elapsed for planetary object while in motion

Time=Function (distance, speed)

in Science chapter-3, how to calculate time elapsed for space body while in motion

Time=Function (wavelength, speed of light )

in Science chapter-4how to calculate time in respect of population  worldwide during different time span ....

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Established rules or fundamentals drive its origin from the vague nurtured ideas

All of the basics actually drive its authority from the nurtured ideas ...if we look back into the history with  the current methodology or technical know-how, we can be very well  conclusive with a scope  not to fixed it up right away. Furthermore ,if we make calculations with the same tools and knowledge  of that particular time ,just supposing , then the relative output may vary a lot due to the dust of the time taken over a period day back to that particular episode...pure idea might have suffered its hard or best part of time...


Friday, May 17, 2019

The real Treasure trove belongs to you if......

The highlighted part of the life is not the real treasure trove ...its just the way to be in tune with  atmosphere or maintaining ecological balances ... biological tuning is the real treasure trove for the happy life and the good atmosphere which actually rest on the very base of love  connecting to mankind... 

Thursday, May 16, 2019

True co-ordinates in space with time in-variance : Locate the true rotational motion in life wizard

This is ofcourse a fine approach to get to very nearest approach to the space events with the help of co-ordinates system ... x y z t
  1. reference of co-ordinates taken
  2. time variation rate /time warp/time dilation
  3. co-ordinates including time as one fix the events in time iff time itself claim to be fixed 
  4.  All work are based on approximation towards nearest approach to the absolute 
then things will be more or less tend to find a realistic way without much approximation the same way life is more easily and comfortable to analyse perfectly without time warp....🔝