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Sunday, February 10, 2019

09 rules of Life: to get better return of your hardwork

Just jotting down few ripples effect

1. Give and take is inherited from the old barter system
2. If you wanna real help then first do it for others
3. just not earn for heavy balance sheets
4. happiness tries multiple times to get your door opened
5. once you fix -up yourself, then other start fixing up automatically 
6. once upon a time there was is better to have your own story to read on
7. if wishes 'll be the horses then you 'll ride is well said
8. better wait than never or never to give in 
9. finally ,  your happiness is the key to figure out what you are actually needed

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Life is a colorful doldrums

 There are a little bit known facts, what the life is all about in nine words ...well !  it will not be quite enough to say that what I have tasted , consumed and spread around ,isn't just a pale limpid dolorous account of , even sometimes it is just touched the innermost corners like a mountain dew fall on the bedrock to shape it in the way it like to moved on...

Blue mountain more or less points to the visibility issue related to vision impairments sometime while the  time flying high whenever we need it the most ,then automatically it turns the burner on for  everything to get it fried well  like a roasted red chilli... cutting a sorry figure to what I have  planted to look like a green lush on every pebble on the way whereas the waterfall even fall short of to the inflated expectations.... that's the life is truly all about, an admixtures of small details of moments once lived with a  colorful doldrums and trailing behind the remnants that too always be recorded as a true picture depicting to the life lucently with incessant fire to know more and more...

Monday, February 4, 2019


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