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Monday, October 14, 2019

Lake at Monsoon Breeze

Monsoon Breeze Knocking at my Window Panes....

The cool breeze is now striking on my face through my open  window panes as a harbinger of monsoon entry in the hillside. The scorching rays  have started behaving in a cool way with the drizzling shower of monsoon rains few hours before .... Feeling of euphoria from heavy rainfall with your Umbrella is fantastic , you behold the sway till last ,its all matters if one experiences the sudden drizzling after a heavy downpours hitting hard and turns off to least...

Monday, June 10, 2019

Chapter 2 :Legal Concepts

Environmental Pollution and Waste Treatment 
Environmental Degradation A Serious Concern 
  :   are the key factors, the world is facing by day degradation of our pleasant environment due to various reasons ,we all know it well...incessant inputs from  people and NGOs are even underway but their mammoth role-play is looking like downplay or falling short of expectation as planned earlier....the running obstacles as well as growing crisis ,helplessly looking for the involvement of the people worldwide responsible directly or indirectly for this irreversible environmental losses and are now being counted seriously....pollution control and plastic waste management is the better part everyone can play well....

Now, Either you are at crossroads or at triple point in wake of scarcity... lets us check it out by throwing  light on few points as jotted down here under...Scarcity leads you  to either at crossroads or at triple point

Triple Point  :   is the magical point where a substance can exist in equilibrium in solid,liquid and gaseous stage at certain temperature and pressure 

How hollow the scarcity is ?... lets have a look ,is it really a mind game in totality or reflecting the best management over the poor one by using technological know-how upto some extent....

How better we can use technology under  expanding need to humanity which might be a trade-off between our replaceable requirement and better off

The use of plastic waste and its impact on environment today can be portray very well  . Mosplastics contain organic polymers. The vast majority of these polymers are formed by the chains of carbon atoms-covalent bonding, 'pure' or with the addition of: oxygen, nitrogen, or sulfur atoms ....plastic waste  takes 500-1000 years or more in decaying due to the breaking of the chains of very strong covalent C-C(Carbon-Carbon) bonding . We can opt for bio-degradable plastics  by using chains of  C-S (carbon->Sulfhur) bonding which takes less than 6 months for decaying. So, the use of bio-degradable plastic is the green option for landfills plastic waste management as well healthy soil conservation with retaining unpolluted ground water in long run . It is  not like to make a mountain out of the molehill by addressing the burning  issue of incremental  plastic waste without any concrete treatment plan so far the recent development, a huge pile of plastic waste like a mountain hill has been  taken shape in the north atlantic ocean and other parts of the world with respect to  inland as well as  water bodies ....the  plastic waste or garbage is continuously on rising trend due to the lack of wisdom in adopting  the self-health care system as well its treatment plan .... better early than sorry !



Burning of Plastic Waste is hazardous  :  It is such kind of act that is  responsible for direct releasing of the  tonnes of CO2 and CO (greenhouse gases) in the atmosphere nearby your surrounding and also a cause of global warming ....burying of the plastic waste is the best kind of practice we used to without resorting to its burning ... moreover,if we start early by using bio-degradable plastic as an alternate option available for replenishing the loss to the environment  ....and accordingly better late than sorry !

Awareness is required at every level for using bio-degradable plastic to retain the ground water pure and usable form  in the  long run ...the plastic and glass are the bad conductors of heat and hence  the evaporation of water doesn't take place in the airtight containers at all . As the temperature increases the rate of evaporation and condensation rate go fast inside the container or sealed flask by converting the saturated vapour  back to water through condensation  as the rate of vaporization  increases . Hence it is a trade off  between technology and its usability by using plastic bottles.... 


Friday, May 31, 2019

How time traces its journey in different modes without ambiguity....

It is a high time to throw light on the every dark corners noted here and there now ! how far the wisdom can fly away if the  wings are on fire with the lopsided overloading of ignited minds......story of  the time dynamics  is falling off with a correlation  
lets have a look by making incursion into....

in Science chapter-1, we  take a final resort with Carbon-14 for organic matter dating  and Uranium-235 for inorganic matter dating ....the calculated age of inorganic matter like rocks and organic matter like fossils are to be   on approximate basis with some calibration ...because of the  complexities involved in the process of calculation on Half life basis ( like Carbon-14 decay rate is more stable or constant decay rate etc)

Time=Function ( atom,decay rate/speed)

in Science chapter-2, how to calculate time elapsed for planetary object while in motion

Time=Function (distance, speed)

in Science chapter-3, how to calculate time elapsed for space body while in motion

Time=Function (wavelength, speed of light )

in Science chapter-4how to calculate time in respect of population  worldwide during different time span ....

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Chapter 3 :Socio-political Concepts

Established rules or fundamentals drive its origin from the  vague nurtured  ideas 

All of the basics actually drive its authority from the nurtured ideas ...

if we look back into the history with  the current methodology or technical know-how, we can be very well  conclusive with a scope  not to fixed it up right away. Furthermore ,if we make calculations with the same tools and knowledge  of that particular time ,just supposing , then the relative output may vary a lot due to the dust of the time taken over a period day back to that particular episode...pure idea might have suffered its hard or best part of time...

Life is what one try to peep into -----with open eyes

 Glass pane is even though transparent to see into.....but
Things are even though been made to learn to celebrate happiness...but
Eyes are even though open to see every thing .......but
Nothing is transparent ,visible to leads you to ectasy of true happiness
Oh ! Oh ! Oh! Open to eyes of inner concience to swich on to feel the  purity of life in true sense

One thing is sure to be take into account that simplicity is the only way or key to the very basis to march to see the true beauty of the hidden miracle of life

Just like the glass window pane give you the exact picture of what is on the other side of the window pane but without any sound effect , similarly, things in life even though are visible but actually hiding the true essence or not the exact replica of what is being observed or view about ....more or less we can arrive at the final conclude that tips of iceberg are observable or noticeable , the core is the hidden matter .

Even though things are learnt or  to learn about most minutely, the every usual parts in-depth to make things enjoyable , but you cannot celebrate happiness till your answer is I still need to learn more the crux of this lies within the game of learning but endlessly.

Most of the time you feel that every hook and corner are under your watch but very soon you get to know that your all assumptions are taking away the truth that all are the missing episodes your own vision proves myopic in various references and finally , you observe that your own self take priority over most of the things even though you do not like to take your pie without any true modus operandi

So ,all story that should lead you to a happy life , finally turn out narrow opening at the far end that may hardly lead you to the right way because of retentivity of the open channel always weigh low...this shortcoming is not of hidden nature but it is well planned as inbuilt deviation from the core values . This hollowness actually put the true impact on the purity and sanctity of each minutely observable paths to goal defining or roll out of true happiness.

Finally, inner conscience is the only guiding tool to lead you to the right way out like a true pathfinder or a illuminated luminous source of infinite values shaping your thoughts to  fully audible range  with precision to final  action of universal aceptibility.

The crux of the story , tell you that what life demands and how beautifully you carry it  forwarded without any obstacles or under the influence of lighthouse of Justice the inner mean you can lead only can't mislead yourself.


Friday, May 17, 2019

The real Treasure trove belongs to you if......

The highlighted part of the life is not the real treasure trove ...its just the way to be in tune with  atmosphere or maintaining ecological balances ... biological tuning is the real treasure trove for the happy life and the good atmosphere which actually rest on the very base of love  connecting to mankind... 

Thursday, May 16, 2019

True co-ordinates in space with time in-variance : Locate the true rotational motion in life wizard

This is ofcourse a fine approach to get to very nearest approach to the space events with the help of co-ordinates system ... x y z t
  1. reference of co-ordinates taken
  2. time variation rate /time warp/time dilation
  3. co-ordinates including time as one fix the events in time iff time itself claim to be fixed 
  4.  All work are based on approximation towards nearest approach to the absolute 
then things will be more or less tend to find a realistic way without much approximation the same way life is more easily and comfortable to analyse perfectly without time warp....🔝

Thursday, April 4, 2019


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Sunday, March 10, 2019


The passivity is the middle path phenomenon ,you try it out when feel enough balancing mindset meter at 90 degree in the activity domain of  love and hate meter reading.

The major drawback in hate meter reading is the existence of its lower bound contrary to the love meter reading without any upper and hate are the mathematical equation with bounded conditions , a detailed analysis is needed for each meter reading  on a case  basis and  all the historical aspects are needed to judge the current level of the meter reading falling into which domain/zone i.e. Love or Hate .

When you work on a project , you just go ahead without a little care of conditions   but after a while you start facing the limitations or bounded conditions



Sunday, February 10, 2019

09 rules of Life: to get better return of your hardwork

Just jotting down few ripples effect

1. Give and take is inherited from the old barter system
2. If you wanna real help then first do it for others
3. just not earn for heavy balance sheets
4. happiness tries multiple times to get your door opened
5. once you fix -up yourself, then other start fixing up automatically 
6. once upon a time there was is better to have your own story to read on
7. if wishes 'll be the horses then you 'll ride is well said
8. better wait than never or never to give in 
9. finally ,  your happiness is the key to figure out what you are actually needed

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Life is a colorful doldrums

 There are a little bit known facts, what the life is all about in nine words ...well !  it will not be quite enough to say that what I have tasted , consumed and spread around ,isn't just a pale limpid dolorous account of , even sometimes it is just touched the innermost corners like a mountain dew fall on the bedrock to shape it in the way it like to moved on...

Blue mountain more or less points to the visibility issue related to vision impairments sometime while the  time flying high whenever we need it the most ,then automatically it turns the burner on for  everything to get it fried well  like a roasted red chilli... cutting a sorry figure to what I have  planted to look like a green lush on every pebble on the way whereas the waterfall even fall short of to the inflated expectations.... that's the life is truly all about, an admixtures of small details of moments once lived with a  colorful doldrums and trailing behind the remnants that too always be recorded as a true picture depicting to the life lucently with incessant fire to know more and more...

Monday, February 4, 2019


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