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Saturday, April 14, 2018

Chapter 4 :Scientific Concepts

It is a high time to throw light on the every dark corners noted here and there now ! how far the wisdom can fly away if the  wings are on fire with the lopsided overloading of ignited minds......story of  the time dynamics  is falling off with a correlation  
lets have a look by making incursion into....Nuclear Fissions and Fusions of concepts and evolving with new dimensions of philosophy of scientific life, rate of decay of crude unscientific way of life into formation or evolution of  new scientific way of life learning with practical guidance for absorptions and re-evolutions in different shades and colorful way by different phases of life in time dimensions.

in Science chapter-1we  take a final resort with Carbon-14 for organic matter dating  and Uranium-235 for inorganic matter dating ....the calculated age of inorganic matter like rocks and organic matter like fossils are to be   on approximate basis with some calibration ...because of the  complexities involved in the process of calculation on Half life basis ( like Carbon-14 decay rate is more stable or constant decay rate etc)
Time=Function ( atom,decay rate/speed)


The people are now & then feeling restless under the utter failures to choose a right way out to peaceful & rejuvenating path to fulfill internally as well externally....we all are blessed with the heeling ointments to make the darkness to disappear spreading all around , only through being true to others as good  to yourself. No need to wait for a sunrise or a sunny day to being crispy , heat is enough to cook it well to serve spicy as well  tasty stuff liked  by others ....

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