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Thursday, March 22, 2018


Disclaimer: The book contains the general  information for  understanding purposes only not for any specific advice or reference as are either purely the product of author’s imagination or based on scientific facts. 

 The international forest day a good 
Indicator towards our long term goal for achieving the incremental forest covered area year over with the pace to achieve fixed international targets....India is moving towards positive growth since last 3-4 years . On one end forest covered area to increase and on the other end the co2 level to reduce by using forest as assets not by dissolving into sea to be counted as liability. Moreover, the alarming situation is this the world's forest covered area has been reduced by 7.3 crore hectares by this year 

GDP growth of the nations to go on upward trend to have less pressure on forest or towards better protection.

"  Individual's self target to implant the no of tree will only be a effective solution "

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