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Tuesday, March 13, 2018


Time is not traversable either in backward or in forward direction , so we can only enjoy the situation in toto.

A piece of time is more valuable and memorable for ever only iff you have traversed the undefined path with full of your answer to joy & happiness as defined in your dictionery for your world by picking up every neno seconds on the way to that moment of time have had a permanent impression on your hard disc.

We are such a fool who only believe that someone will come and help us out even though we know the outsider(s) have a very little know-how even nil of ours internal liberary defining  to ourself.

We are just made of little collection of such invaluable moments that defined ours total life's philosophy as well reflex actions.

If we really wants to help ourself rather than waiting for someone to help us out just try hard to add few more moments to upgrade the quality of life as well for the improved reflex actions.

Finally, we all need a old pattern of barter system because everyone complete the others in one or other way.

Today, I just gone through excerpts from one article in Hindustan ,11 March 18, Hindi daily newspaper on bollywood star Amir Khan, " the perfectionist in reel life is not in real life...he do one work at one time...Kiren his wife has used to his changing look everytime on reel life .... he feel happy about her for not using her like or dislike upon him anyway ..."

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